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Day December 28, 2012

Entanglement of Multipartite Fermionic Coherent States for Pseudo Hermitian Hamiltonians

G. Najarbashi, M. A. Fasihi, M. Nakahara, F. Mirmasoudi, S. Mirzaei

In this paper the entanglement of multi-qubit fermionic pseudo Hermitian coherent states (FPHCS) described by anticommutative Grassmann numbers is studied. The pseudo-Hermitian versions of the well known maximally entangled pure states such as Bell and GHZ, W and biseparable states are introduced through integrating over the tensor products of FPHCSs with suitable choice of Grassmannian weight functions. Meanwhile as an illustration, the method is applied to tensor product of 2 and 3 qubit pseudo Hermitian systems. Then the measures of concurrence and average entropy are applied to quantify the entanglement of the pseudo two and three qubit states respectively.

Quantum Physics (quant-ph)