Welcome to “The PT Symmeter”.  This website is intended to serve a world-wide community of scientists and also those who wish to learn about the area of PT Symmetry. The aims of this site are:

  • to introduce the area of PT Symmetry to those who want to know more
  • to highlight articles that have been posted on arXiv.org
  • to highlight the publication of articles concerning this area of physics
  • to announce events that are planned where scientists in the field are meeting to exchange ideas.

The area of physics that I refer to here is still quite young.  However, the field is very active and many papers have been published in the last 12 years or so following the paper by Carl Bender and Stefan Boettcher in Physical Review Letters.  The area is sometimes known as “PT-Symmetry”, following Bender and Boettcher’s original papers, however, others who have subsequently entered the field have chose other names for the area, which they feel better describe the nature of the area.  A non-exhaustive list of  these alternate names is: “Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians”, “Quasi-Hermiticity”, “Psuedo-Hermiticity” and “Crypto-Hermiticity”.  In order to stay clear of this particular mine field, I will tend to refer to “the field” in these pages and let the individual articles which are tracked by these pages make their own determination.

This website will not try to distingish particularly between these names and will attempt to track all papers in the field in general.  The choice of the name of this site itself is not intended to indicate a preference for the name of the field, but merely to allow a url that is easy to type and an ability to find this site easily through search engines.

The articles which are tracked on the site (as posts on the blog) have been posted on arXiv.org.  Articles currently listed have only been followed from September 2010.  There are now so many papers in the field that it is a difficult job to identify them all and hence going back in the arXiv and listing the papers here will be a long term project.  This will be done as and when I have time to dedicate to this.  Consequently the sizes of the names on the tag cloud are not representative of the size of the contribution to the field of those listed – merely the number of posted that they have made to the arXiv in the field since September 2010.

I hope that this site will be seen as a collaborative effort. Ultimately I welcome comments from those interested in the site and those who feel that it should meet other aims.  If anyone notices papers which I am unaware of but which should appear on these pages I would be pleased to hear from you.  If anyone has a conference or meeting that they would like to have posted on the site then I would ask them to contact me at the address below.

Daniel Hook
Editor, The PT Symmeter
d.hook {at} imperial.ac.uk