Reply on Comments on “Observation of a Fast Evolution in a Parity-time-symmetric System”(ArXiv:1106.1550)

Chao Zheng, Liang Hao, Gui Lu Long

Masillo [1] commented on our manuscript [2] “Observation of a Fast Evolution in a Parity-time-symmetric System”, pointing out a contradiction of our work with Ref.[3]. In this reply, we pointed out there is no disagreement between Masillo’s comment and our work in Ref. [2]. The efficiency cost pointed out in Ref.\cite{masillo} exists, namely to obtain the PT-symmetric hamiltonian evolution, one has to make a measurement on the auxiliary qubit and the auxiliary qubit is at state \(\left|0\right \rangle\) only probabilistically. This is reflected in the amplitude of the spectrum in the NMR quantum simulation. As a result, we made a small modification in a new version of the Ref. [2], and Fig. 2 of Ref.[2] has been replaced by spectra of two different \(\alpha\)’s in order to illustrate this fact.
Quantum Physics (quant-ph)

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