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Day June 5, 2013

Non-Hermitian shortcut to adiabaticity

Boyan T. Torosov, Giuseppe Della Valle, Stefano Longhi

A non-Hermitian shortcut to adiabaticity is introduced. By adding an imaginary term in the diagonal elements of the Hamiltonian of a two state quantum system, we show how one can cancel the nonadiabatic losses and perform an arbitrarily fast population transfer, without the need to increase the coupling. We apply this technique to two popular level-crossing models: the Landau-Zener model and the Allen-Eberly model.

Quantum Physics (quant-ph)

Absence of Floquet scattering in oscillating non-Hermitian potential wells

S. Longhi, G. Della Valle

Scattering of a quantum particle from an oscillating barrier or well does not generally conserve the particle energy owing to energy exchange with the photon field, and an incoming particle-free state is scattered into a set of outgoing (transmitted and reflected) free states according to Floquet scattering theory. Here we introduce two families of oscillating non-Hermitian potential wells in which Floquet scattering is fully suppressed for any energy of the incident particle. The scattering-free oscillating potentials are synthesized by application of the Darboux transformation to the time-dependent Schr\”{o}dinger equation. For one of the two families of scattering-free potentials, the oscillating potential turns out to be fully invisible.

Quantum Physics (quant-ph)

Invisible defects in complex crystals

S. Longhi, G. Della Valle

We show that invisible localized defects, i.e. defects that can not be detected by an outside observer, can be realized in a crystal with an engineered imaginary potential at the defect site. The invisible defects are synthesized by means of supersymmetric (Darboux) transformations of an ordinary crystal using band-edge wave functions to construct the superpotential. The complex crystal has an entire real-valued energy spectrum and Bragg scattering is not influenced by the defects. An example of complex crystal synthesis is presented for the Mathieu potential.

Quantum Physics (quant-ph)