Infinite families of (quasi)-Hermitian Hamiltonians associated with exceptional \(X_m\) Jacobi polynomials

Bikashkali Midya, Barnana Roy

Using an appropriate change of variable, the Schroedinger equation is transformed into a second-order differential equation satisfied by recently discovered Jacobi type \(X_m\) exceptional orthogonal polynomials. This facilitates the derivation of infinite families of exactly solvable Hermitian as well as non-Hermitian trigonometric and hyperbolic Scarf potentials whose bound state solutions are associated with the aforesaid exceptional orthogonal polynomials. These infinite families of potentials are shown to be extensions of the conventional trigonometric and hyperbolic Scarf potentials by the addition of some rational terms characterized by the presence of classical Jacobi polynomials. All the members of a particular family of these `rationally extended polynomial-dependent’ potentials have the same energy spectrum and possess translational shape invariant symmetry. The obtained non-Hermitian potentials are shown to be quasi-Hermitian in nature ensuring the reality of the associated energy spectra.
Mathematical Physics (math-ph); Quantum Physics (quant-ph)

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