PT-symmetry and Transparency

Zafar Ahmed

It is known that the perfect absorption of two identical waves incident on a complex potential from left and right can occur at a fixed real energy and that the time-reversed setting of this system would act as a laser at threshold at the same energy. Here, we argue and show that PT-symmetric potentials are exceptional in this regard which do not allow Coherent Perfect Absorption without lasing as the modulus of the determinant of the \(S\)-matrix, \(|\det S|\), becomes 1, for all positive energies. Next we show that in the parametric regimes where the PT-symmetry is unbroken, the eigenvalues, \(s_\pm\) of \(S\), can become unitary (uni-modular) for all energies. Then the potential becomes coherent perfect emitter on both sides for any energy of coherent injection. We call this property Transparency.
Quantum Physics (quant-ph); Mathematical Physics (math-ph)

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