Scattering in a varying mass PT symmetric double heterojunction

Anjana Sinha, R. Roychoudhury

We observe that the reflection and transmission coefficients of a particle within a double, PT-symmetric heterojunction with spatially varying mass, show interesting features, depending on the degree of non Hermiticity, although there is no spontaneous breakdown of PT symmetry. The potential profile in the intermediate layer is considered such that it has a non vanishing imaginary part near the heterojunctions. Exact analytical solutions for the wave function are obtained, and the reflection and transmission coefficients are plotted as a function of energy, for both left as well as right incidence. As expected, the spatial dependence on mass changes the nature of the scattering solutions within the heterojunctions, and the space-time (PT) symmetry is responsible for the left-right asymmetry in the reflection and transmission coefficients. However, the non vanishing imaginary component of the potential near the heterojunctions gives new and interesting results.

Quantum Physics (quant-ph); Mathematical Physics (math-ph)

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