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Day February 19, 2013

PT-symmetric lattices with a local degree of freedom

Harsha Vemuri, Yogesh N. Joglekar

Recently, open systems with balanced, spatially separated loss and gain have been realized and studied using non-Hermitian Hamiltonians that are invariant under the combined parity and time-reversal (\(\mathcal{PT}\)) operations. Here, we model and investigate the effects of a local, two-state, quantum degree of freedom, called a pseudospin, on a one-dimensional tight-binding lattice with position-dependent tunneling amplitudes and a single pair of non-Hermitian, \(\mathcal{PT}\)-symmetric impurities. We show that if the resulting Hamiltonian is invariant under exchange of two pseudospin labels, the system can be decomposed into two uncoupled systems with tunable threshold for \(\mathcal{PT}\) symmetry breaking. We discuss implications of our results to systems with specific tunneling profiles, and open or periodic boundary conditions.

Quantum Physics (quant-ph); Optics (physics.optics)