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Comment on: `Numerical estimates of the spectrum for anharmonic PT symmetric potentials’ [Phys. Scr. \textbf{85} (2012) 065005]

Paolo Amore, Francisco M Fernández

We show that the authors of the commented paper draw their conclusions from the eigenvalues of truncated Hamiltonian matrices that do not converge as the matrix dimension increases. In one of the studied examples the authors missed the real positive eigenvalues that already converge towards the exact eigenvalues of the non-Hermitian operator and focused their attention on the complex ones that do not. We also show that the authors misread Bender’s argument about the eigenvalues of the harmonic oscillator with boundary conditions in the complex-x plane (Rep. Prog. Phys. 70 (2007) 947).


Quantum Physics (quant-ph)