On Symmetries and Exact Solutions of a Class of Non-local Non-linear Schrodinger Equations with Self-induced PT-symmetric Potential

Debdeep Sinha, Pijush K. Ghosh

A class of non-local non-linear Schrodinger equations(NLSE) is considered in an external potential with space-time modulated coefficient of the nonlinear interaction term as well as confining and/or loss-gain terms. This is a generalization of a recently introduced integrable non-local NLSE with self induced potential that is PT symmetric in the corresponding stationary problem. Exact soliton solutions are obtained for the inhomogeneous and/or non autonomous non-local NLSE by using similarity transformation and the method is illustrated with a few examples. It is found that only those transformations are allowed for which the transformed spatial coordinate is odd under the parity transformation of the original one. It is shown that the non-local NLSE without the external potential and a \(d+1\) dimensional generalization of it, admits all the symmetries of the \(d+1\) dimensional Schrodinger group. The conserved Noether charges associated with the time-translation, dilatation and special conformal transformation are shown to be real-valued in spite of being non-hermitian. Finally, dynamics of different moments are studied with an exact description of the time-evolution of the “pseudo-width” of the wave-packet for the special case when the system admits a \(O(2,1)\) conformal symmetry.

Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems (nlin.SI); High Energy Physics – Theory (hep-th)

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