Explicit energy expansion for general odd degree polynomial potentials

Asiri Nanayakkara, Thilagarajah Mathanaranjan

In this paper we derive an almost explicit analytic formula for asymptotic eigenenergy expansion of arbitrary odd degree polynomial potentials of the form \(V(x)=(ix)^{2N+1}+\beta _{1}x^{2N}+\beta _{2}x^{2N-1}+\cdot \cdot \cdot \cdot \cdot +\beta _{2N}x\) where \(\beta _{k}^{\prime }\)s are real or complex for \(1\leq k\leq 2N\). The formula can be used to find semiclassical analytic expressions for eigenenergies up to any order very efficiently. Each term of the expansion is given explicitly as a multinomial of the parameters \(\beta _{1},\beta _{2}….\) and \(\beta _{2N}\) of the potential. Unlike in the even degree polynomial case, the highest order term in the potential is pure imaginary and hence the system is non-Hermitian. Therefore all the integrations have been carried out along a contour enclosing two complex turning points which lies within a wedge in the complex plane. With the help of some examples we demonstrate the accuracy of the method for both real and complex eigenspectra.


Mathematical Physics (math-ph)

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